Mount Davidson Residence

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Mount Davidson Residence


Opening up a house makes way for depth, light, and modernity

By discovering and revealing volumes of otherwise hidden indoor space, and streamlining the exterior, zumaooh transformed a nice-but-not-very-modern house into a sleek, distinctly 21st century home for a single mom and her school-age son.

The client sought a Zen-like feel: white, clean lines, no muss. Zumaooh opened the entire house — upstairs and down — to create more usable space. Opening the ceiling brought depth and spaciousness to the living room, and a new, airy central stairwell lets light travel freely throughout, illuminating the modern decor: the whitest-of-white paint, a judicious use of grays and silver, and dark wood tones.

Outside, a fresh coat of paint, Japanese-inflected landscaping, and resurfacing the patio and walkways contemporize the home’s face — no significant architectural changes required. A back garden welcoming to kids and grown-ups alike completes a home that embraces simplicity and family life.

Scouting photography shown, final photography coming soon.

Design Drawings

Before Renovation