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Decorator Showcase


Epicurean Hideaway

Imagine a personal wine bar and library, where the owner can savor a stolen moment, count her varietals (and blessings), plan a unique dinner menu, devise a tasting flight, or read up on the latest trends in viticulture.

The Decorator Showcase takes place at a prestigious address in one of San Francisco's most breathtaking neighborhoods. Zumaooh took a small, narrow, basement walk-in safe and reconceived it as a Vintner's Vault — an epicurean hideaway for a true connoisseur of food and wine, reinforced by the original safe door.

To draw visitors into the long narrow room, Zumaooh designed a fluid mural in homage to Sol De Witt —painted by Berkeley artist Rye Hudak — which looks like a multicolored stained-glass image of waves. In the cabinetry opposite (designed and built by zumaooh), wine bottle-caps repeat the colors of the mural in a staccato pattern. Soft cornflower blue walls and ceiling mitigate the low ceiling and sloped section.

Photography by David Wakely Photography