Corporate Headquarters

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Corporate Headquarters


How to make the most of an intimate space — only 3,000 square feet — blessed with nearly panoramic views of the city thanks to its location on one of the topmost floors of the Transamerica Pyramid? 

The answer was found not in what to add, but what to take away. Customarily, the elevator would whisk visitors and staff 45 floors, depositing them in an enclosed elevator lobby. Dispensing with the elevator lobby — and convincing the planning department that doing so could meet fire and safety standards — made the eye-popping view available from the moment the elevator doors open.

To support the organization’s equally open, “no secrets” ethos, the interiors were kept transparent, welcoming, and residential in feel. A sandblasted effect on the glazing system around the perimeter evokes the fog, which in real life blows in and out just below the office’s line of sight.

Work completed by zumaooh team members while at The Woods Group.

Photography by David Wakely Photography