Sonoma Residence

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Sonoma Residence


Destination: A Place Called Home

The owners of this property wanted a home where the parents and their children could gather and enjoy quintessential Sonoma living.

Sited on 13 acres of meadowland running alongside a creek, the parents wanted to encourage the children to explore the landscape, play, and hang out. The family-centered environment literally exists on the meadow, comprised of a house and a pool house with great rooms connected by the pool and the openness between. The connection is reinforced by the transparency of the living space, with extensive use of windows that create a seamless transition from inside to out, and also give the parents and children visual access throughout the day, creating boundaryless freedom and flexibility.

The design throughout reflects the owners’ personal style, with color, patterns, and texture enhancing their place on the meadow in which they live and play.

Photography by David Wakely Photography

Design Drawings

Construction Images