Private Family Foundation

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Private Family Foundation


A place of work, welcome, and warmth

The founders of a small family foundation sought to create an environment as conducive to heads-down work — and impressive to potential partners — as it is welcoming to visiting family and friends. 

Eschewing a traditional, formal reception area, the glass walls of the entry vestibule allow for a view across the entire office that encompasses the large windows. The heart of the office is an open, central work area, which features both comfortable, informal seating and a round work table, lending a relaxed, residential feel to the space.

Overall, the interiors are clean, and favor a mid-century modern point of view. Although the furnishings and finishes are spare, they have a residential feel: their tonal colors and rich, natural textures read soft and warm, rather than hard and cold. The open plan allows one and all to enjoy the top-notch art collection, most of which was acquired specifically for the space.

Final photography coming soon.

Design Drawings