Marin Residence II

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Marin Residence II


Blending form and function with beautiful results

Slated for construction, the Marin Guest House complements both the design and sustainability standards of the adjacent Estate House, while possessing its own unique sensibility and purpose. The owner, beyond seeking to accommodate up to 10 overnight guests, wanted to be able host gatherings of as many as 200 attendees. 

Taking its cues from mid-century modern architecture, the design of the Guest House beautifully echoes the simplicity, horizontality, and flowing spaciousness of its neighbor. And while it, too, has an open main floor that yields a spectacular view of Mount Tamalpais, its situation has been calculated to serve a specific purpose. As a passive house, it relies on, and works in concert with, the environment and the elements for its heating and cooling. Its thick walls, living roof, absence of direct sun, and captured breezes ensure a steady ambient temperature while enabling it to tread lightly on the environment.

Design Drawings