About Mark

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Mark Szumowski

Mark Szumowski is the architectural conscience of zumaooh, a modernist committed to the honest use and expression of materials. His design talent, technical expertise, and nuts-and-bolts realism enable zumaooh to fulfill the client’s aesthetic and functional needs while respecting their schedule and budget parameters. 

Michelle Wempe and Mark began their collaboration while studying architecture and design at Kansas State University — comparing notes, working through project problems, and figuring out the details. After receiving an Associate degree in Building Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture, Mark began working on residential and commercial interiors projects. His career path eventually led to roles with major corporations as architect, facilities manager, and construction manager, requiring him to master a range of documentation and construction processes. The experience also served to hone his client-centric approach, and commitment to supporting their vision — both of which are central to his work at zumaooh.

A former Soap Box Derby Champion, Mark carries his love for building things and making sure that theywork into his hobbies — refurbishing old motorcycles and cars, and designing and building custom furniture (from which zumaooh clients often benefit). Never one to shy away from hard work and physical labor, on weekends, Mark is often found helping his friends with their building projects or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.